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The Institutes for Biblical Truth was founded in 1990.

The Institutes for Biblical Truth basic level course is designed to be an immersion style compressed college level training situation. The original curriculum by Dr. Tamara Winslow is designed to instruct and impart accurate and researched Biblical Truths.
The Institute courses equip developing leaders for understanding current needs and issues in society and cultures. It Trains-in Biblically-based, spiritually minded Christian lifeskills while providing teaching, training, and mentoring in how to research Biblical principles for present day issues. The Institute does NOT offer counseling. Students are encouraged to "Go to God" instead of seeking counseling from Dr. Winslow or the staff.
Each class is designed to challenge the students to think for themselves and find out what they really believe and who they're gifted and destined to be according to godly character and how that affects their expressions spiritually, intellectually, socially, and practically. It is required that all accepted students attend the entire length of the Institute. No auditing of courses is allowed due to the intensity of the material covered in the short amount of time.

Visions and Mission Statement


The Institutes provide a structured, disciplined, academic, and family-style training environment where personal revival in God enables a believer to produce lasting Godly fruit in the individual call and gifting.
This is done by:

  • Defining convictions, anointing, gifts and callings and identifying the foundational God-given purpose and vision of Ministries, churches, cities, cultures, people groups, families and nations.
  • Identifying vision for affecting Government, Politics, Science, Medicine, Music, Drama, Fine Arts, Theater, Visual and Audio Communications, Education, Foreign Relations, Business, Writing and literature; and Women's Needs.
  • Releasing and launching the anointing, gifts and callings through the Ephesians 4:11 ministries, Youth Ministry, Praise and Worship, Minstrels and Psalmists, power ministry, signs and wonders, and prayer assignments.
  • By preparing the individual, the ministry, the church, cities, cultures, people groups, families and nations for a lasting harvest of finance, souls, promise and other harvests according to the types of seeds sown.
  • By identifying and restoring the foundations of churches, cities, cultures, people groups, families and nations and reviving them to their God-given beginnings and heritage.
  • By providing in-depth, thoroughly researched, Biblically accurate teaching and ministry resources for the hungry believer and leader.
  • By exposing, defining, and systematically destroying the influence of humanistic and Greek philosophies affecting Christianity.
  • By training the believer in the practicality of the operations and gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially speaking in tongues.
  • Helping release ministry organizations, educational institutions, businesses, governments and individual lives into their foundational destinies.
  • Aiming to see the restoration of the Tabernacle of David and the boundaries of the Lord in the subjects of Biblical Praise and Worship, Music.


  The Seven R's    
  RETREAT- An environment is provided where students can retreat from their usual daily grind of business, ministry or relationship needs and seek the Lord during these courses. Students are encouraged to separate themselves unto the Lord from anything that could distract them from totally dedicating this time to the Lord.
REFLECT- Classes, praise and worship, and mandatory individual devotional training times are designed for the students to reflect on God's word in their lives, and develop a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's leading for their future. Students learn how to study their Bible for themselves in the Sunday morning Bible study training course.
RESIST- Institute policies are designed to help the student resist anything that could prove to be a distraction, i.e., their business, audio or visual stimuli, or hindering temptations, so that the student benefits and receives all God has planned for them in their time at the Institute. Come Away My Beloved!
REST- Afternoons, Sabbath (Saturdays) and playtime are encouraged as times to rest and recoup from arduous lifestyles.
REBUILD- Classes and afternoon group sessions aim to instruct the student in how to identify and rebuild shaky or absent foundations and boundaries. All students take several personality tests and individual spiritual giftings tests to help them identify and appreciate their uniqueness and better equip them for their future.
RESPECT- The environment of the Institute is constructed upon a respectful and honorable family unit where each student is as concerned about the needs and lives of the other students as themselves.
RELEASE- The student will be more able to fully identify the actual combined grace gifts and callings in preparation for the prayer night during the last week of each Institute. The prayer night is a time of impartation for each student to release their gifts, according to the combined faith and agreement of the staff and students.


  -Please note the description of the Level One course below    

The Institutes For Biblical Truth curriculum uses original and thorough Bible study notebooks written by Dr. Tamara Winslow. Each notebook consists of detailed teaching outlines, as well as numerous pages of Bible references, the Hebrew and Greek words and definitions, cultural and additional study topics. The Basic Institute course will cover approximately 2400 pages of material during the time together. All students completing an Institute course take home a wealth of study material for future reference and study. The original curriculum is only available to students attending the Institutes. Curriculum cannot be purchased outside of the Institute in order to maintain the integrity of the teaching and prevent misinterpretation of the material.
Dr. Tamara Winslow teaches the majority of the classes. Students have access to an excellent study library for their personal reading and study.
Biblical study and prayer are part of the curriculum in every Institute. Every Institute does a general topical study on one particular subject such as faith, hope, offenses, mercy and healing, as the Lord leads.

  Praise, Worship and Intercession    
  • Praise, worship and intercession practiced in a variety of expressions are also included in every daily class. Music is only one avenue of this expression. Musical praise is not used in every class in order to emphasize the diversity of Biblical lifestyles of praise and worship.

Food, Fellowship & Etiquette

  • The family table is a crucial part of the daily Institute schedule. High quality cuisine designed around the individual student's food preferences is served with fashionable dishes, cutlery and table settings where students and staff learn and participate in various types of dining etiquette. Two formal meals are included in Institute etiquette training. The most important meal of the Institute is the formal Shabbat meal, designed around the traditional Jewish celebration of the Sabbath.
    "Table talk" classes occasionally follow the meal and clean-up times.


Classes & Afternoon Workshops

Morning classes for all Institutes are conducted Monday through Sunday morning, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., with Saturday as the day of Shabbat or Sabbath off.
Workshop and individual development training classes are conducted twice a week. These sessions consist of a series of tests on gifting, calling, personality, goals and desires.
Evening classes begin at 7 p.m. and are open-ended. These sessions are much more flexible and allow more time for prayer and praise and worship as well as occasional personal ministry.
Group recreation to museums, area shopping, coffee shops, etc.

I have known Dr. Tamara Winslow for over 20 years. In all that time she has been a teacher, a mentor and a dear friend. Dr. Winslow's teachings have changed my life over and over. When doctrine, specific topics or Bible verses didn't make sense her teaching opened up my eyes, my heart and my spirit to see
God and His character more clearly. Not only is her teaching anointed, but she truly cares about the people on the other end of her messages. She prays with faith, teaches with conviction and loves with all of her heart. My walk with God and love for Jesus would not be where it is today without this woman. If you have the opportunity to attend an Institute, do it. The short term sacrifices will be so worth it when you see what God has for you."
Julia Wurst, Institute Attendee

"I have been fortunate enough to attend two of Dr. Winslow's Institutes. In 2008, The Institute on the Foundations of Nations and Generations and in 2014, the Institute for Understanding Biblical Revival. Dr. Winslow is a very anointed and knowledgeable teacher. What I appreciate most is her ability to impart
wisdom directly to your spirit man, which ultimately impacts your walk with God on a much deeper level.
In many ways, attending a seminar or Institute can feel like spiritual surgery; addressing and removing the faulty foundations and replacing them with truth straight from God's Word. I believe Dr. Winslow is an untapped resource in the Body of Christ. Everyone should do whatever they can to attend one of her
Jill Hurley Executive Director of Tech-247 Campus Director of Chi Alpha at Texas Tech
"I think it would be no under-statement to say that the Institute was a launching pad for me into a far more expansive, richer and more secure relationship with God. Perhaps, my whole outlook on life was expanded and enriched. If you are serious about knowing God more intimately and seeking His Will for your life, then the Institute For Biblical Truth will help you immensely, so Go."
Tim Snelson, England
My experience in the Institute of Biblical Truth has sincerely taken me into another dimension of my Christian life and has boosted my walk with God, in areas where I thought never existed. It has blessed me tremendously because I have gained understanding on a much greater level on all the teachings. It is like digging for precious jewels in a pitch black cave, where one has to use discernment, sensitivity and faith to be able to get to the jewels that is meant for them.
Merewalesi Quari, Fiji
"The IFBT revolutionized my life - through solid and intense teaching, worship, prayer and learning how to be disciplined in my walk with the Lord I am now able to look at life, ministry, relationships and myself through the eyes of Jesus. There is no training like this in the world today - even after receiving a Masters degree in Social Work I did not really know how to minister to families and children in a way that truly produced positive, effective and lasting change. Tamara helped us to unlock and reveal the gifts that the Lord has given to us so that we could start to 'grow-up' and find our identity in Jesus Christ. Praise God I will never be the same."
Tanis Bailey Leach, Canada
Choosing Jesus is the best decision I have ever made in my life, the second best decision was attending the Institute for Biblical Truth.  I learned more about God in three weeks than in 20 years of attending church.  I found answers to questions I had my whole life.  Dr. Winslow's combination of knowledge, leadership, and love for Jesus made learning from her a true privilege.  She taught us a unique way to dissect the Bible in that it became alive and full of previously unseen treasures.  I found Jesus.  I learned how to apply truth to my life.  The sweetness and awesomeness of his presence during that time is cherished.  I loved witnessing the transforming power of God in those around me and in my own life. The Institute for Biblical Truth was a major changing point in my life, and I am forever grateful!
 Amy DeSarro - Institute Alumi

Institute Requirements

  • 1. No student will be accepted without completing the application form. Verbal applications are not considered.
    Those desiring to attend ANY INSTITUTE must first fill out the application, pay the application fee, submit a head-and-shoulders recent photo, (no sunglasses please), and meet the necessary requirements as stated in the application. After prayer and review of the application, the prospective student will be notified if accepted or the application is declined. Occasionally an interview with the prospective student may be requested. All students must send a paper copy, or email a fully completed application and the accompanying required items. Any prospective student who has been to discovered to announce presumptuously that he or she will be attending an Institute course without applying and receiving the final word of acceptance will be automatically disqualified for application and acceptance. Presumptuous applicants produce presumptuous students.

  • 2. This is not a self-help course for the emotionally disturbed. Applicants struggling with extreme burnout, and emotional instability should not apply.

  • 3. It is PREFERRED, though not required, (but highly recommended) that every applicant be Baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Those who do not speak in tongues may find it difficult in the daily prayer times in which speaking in tongues is encouraged as part of the prayer curriculum. A tender heart attitude tending toward prayer, however, is what is considered as more important than speaking in tongues. All student applications will be considered bearing these factors in mind.

  • 4. Applicants must be at least 17 years old to apply. No applicant under 17 will be accepted. The intensity of the courses can prove to be emotionally too much for persons under 17. Applicants under 20, however, may be interviewed if God leads for possible acceptance under unusual circumstances.

  • 5. All applicants accepted must be able to explain what they feel is their calling in serving others in the nations, their generation, business, education and/ or an international emphasis. The Institutes for Biblical Truth are purposely cross-cultural and individuals struggling with this should not apply.

  • 6. Acceptance to the Institute will be influenced by the clear communication of goals and vision of the applicant in their biography.

  • 7. Acceptance will be determined by the attitudes of humility, teachableness, servanthood, faithfulness to God and man, and spiritual mindedness as communicated through the applicant's biography and reference letters. Irresponsible handling of communications and management of the necessary requirements of the application nullifies any acceptance. This will be communicated to the applicant accordingly. We reserve the right to refuse attendance when irresponsibility, incompetence, poor communication or unforeseen spiritual conflicts are determined prior to the attendance of any accepted applicant.

  • 8. No applicant will be accepted who is not fluent in spoken and written English. No exceptions are made on this policy.

  • 9. No further acceptance will be granted to any applicant who has applied to any one type of Institute twice, and has been accepted twice and has repeatedly promised and failed to follow through with their acceptance requirements, financial commitment and promised attendance. We reserve the right to refuse any accepted applicant who demonstrates such irresponsible behavior.

  • 10. Couples married for less than one year will not be accepted.

  • 11. No student will be accepted who is unable to live in the group-setting, dormitory style, at the ministry facilities for the entire course.

  • 12. Dating or engaged couples should not apply to attend the same Institute together, and will not be accepted as a couple due to the distraction their developing emotions and relationship creates. There are no exceptions in this policy.

  • 13. Students must be socially developed and demonstrate healthy social skills. Behaviors demonstrating co-dependence and extreme dysfunctional behaviors should not apply.

  • 14. Students should be able to prove intellectual development capable of understanding the vocabulary and amount of material they will receive.

  • 15. All students and staff who participate in any Institute or Institute seminar are required to wear 'Business casual' clothing. Blue jeans of any type, t-shirts, t-shirt with slogans or questionable emblems or sweatshirts are not allowed for classroom or meeting times. Neatly pressed khakis, below the knee length skirts are acceptable. Hair and beards must be clean and neatly combed and trimmed.

    Application forms must be fully completed with the appropriate application fee received and the form approved before a student may attend any Institute. No students will be allowed to attend without prior approval and acceptance from Dr. Tamara Winslow and the appointed staff personnel. Spaces for students will not be reserved for anyone without reception of a completed application, the three reference forms and acceptance letters and notification to students.
  Expulsion of a student may and will result if one of the following situations is discovered:    
  • Lying on the application, or to a staff or teacher. Parents or guardians may not fill out the application forms for the applicant. If it is discovered that the student, once accepted, did not complete their own application they will be sent home without a refund for their tuition.

  • Repeated strife, murmuring or complaining, after having been confronted for such behaviors and having shown no signs of repentant change. 
    – Strife and murmuring will not be tolerated and will result in automatic expulsion. 
    – Students who are divisive and who attempt to behave contrary to the principles expressed in the policies will be expelled. Due to the short length of time the group has together divisive behavior is extremely destructive and will not be tolerated.

  • Immoral and inappropriate conduct or behavior as determined by the standards of the Bible; illegal drug possession or usage, drinking of alcohol beverages of any type, and theft on the grounds of the Institute.

  • Attitudes that purposely and repeatedly hinder the instruction of the material or obstruct other students from being able to fully receive the things that God has for them.

  • Failure to pay the full tuition by the first day of the course. No exceptions will be made.

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