'I Won't Be Satisfied'
is Dr. Winslow's new live
prophetic praise and worship concert
recording featuring
the new prophetic song
"Colorado" and numerous
other spontaneous songs
mixed into the
praise and worship.


'Lady Bugity Boo,'
a wonderful children's book
for age 6 and up.
A timely message written
in a style like Dr. Seuss
and illustrated by Dr. Winslow.
A petite lady bug overcomes bullying and discovers her
talent that the world needs.



Welcome to Dr. Tamara Winslow’s
ministry website.
In this site you’ll discover Dr. Winslow’s multifaceted expression of international ministry as she instructs, inspires, encourages, writes and uplifts people throughout the world in their numerous sectors of society and Christendom.

Through her timely Biblically accurate and insightful teachings she consistently addresses subjects and issues faced by humanity, along with using her unique original music and singing that helps her listeners to remember her messages and the revelations they received. Gifted in the arts, spontaneous song and composition, along with expressing thoroughly researched Biblical truths she ministers to the Church at large, she aims to focus on the practical reality of knowing God deeply and intimately. 

She additionally emphasizes addressing the needs of women of all cultures, along with developing leaders in ministry functions, the market place and more. Her ministry further enables creative individuals, along with bringing a broad range of transformation through the Scriptural truths to all who hear her or read her works.

Dr. Winslow hopes that you will find this site to be a place where you will be challenged to grow in knowing who God is in ways you never dreamed were possible. Thank you for visiting us and be blessed!


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Dr. Winslow's Teaching Newsletters
are available for free download as PDF files.
Dr. Winslow also writes a blog called
'Truth That Works'
and updates it frequently; please follow it.


'Faith That Can Move Muntains,'

Dr. Winslow's newest musical project
was produced, mixed, engineered and mastered by Eric Uglum at New Wine Recording Studio and Mastering Lab.


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